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Tips to help you feel like you’re on “Cloud 9”
Cloud nine can be defined as a feeling of great happiness, almost as if you’re drifting away with no care in sight, on a soft luxurious cloud. Those who are operating their ERP through Cloud technology are on their way to achieving that exact same feeling. Cloud solutions offer cost reductions, an increase in more user friendly features, as well as drastic visibility connection. Companies running their ERP in the cloud have seen increased efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration, and have witnessed the potential for more accurate and timely forecasting, with real-time access to data. With Cloud ERP implementation on the rise, wholesale distributors and manufacturers who utilize cloud technology place themselves in a position to succeed, and rest easy on “Cloud 9.”
How to Future-Proof your HVAC Company with New Technology
Keeping on top of today’s ever-changing technology can be a challenge, one that HVAC distributors particularly can find overwhelming. There are numerous technology options that can change the way the HVAC industry does business. Here is 1 of 3 tips to power the way you look at technology. To read the full article, head to Distribution Center.
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Enhance Your Competitive Advantage with Big Data
With the age of Big Data among us, technologies continue to transform the way we do business in the retail marketplace. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the talent and structure to turn big data into a competitive advantage.Companies that excel in building and managing a data-driven infrastructure while managing shopper interactions will see annual improvements in ROI. Understanding and addressing the needs of consumers has always remained a challenge for many retailers. Companies that do excel in building and managing a data-driven infrastructure allow business leaders to translate the confusion of the data into clear insights. Here are 3 reasons it makes good business sense to follow their lead.
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Is Your Company At Risk For A Security Breach?
December 16, 2015 Retail Kevin Beasley
The height of the holiday shopping season has arrived and, according to the National Retail Federation, an estimated 135.8 Million shoppers will be making purchases online and in stores. As shoppers are busy purchasing gifts, it’s the responsibility of the retailer to protect its shoppers from any security breaches. As a retailer, have you stopped to wonder how safe and secure your technology infrastructure is to prevent such attacks from occurring?
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Why does your social presence matter to your customers?
December 8, 2015 Business Lisa Vormittag
Many people today consider themselves skilled members of the social media community, logging in frequently to their Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn accounts. We tend to view social media as a communication tool as routine and necessary as email and phone calls. However, many probably don’t view these accounts as an engine to enhance customer service across their organization.
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Prepare Your Inventory Stock: 3 Ways to Beat the Holiday Rush
December 1, 2015 Retail Joe Scioscia
The Holiday season is amongst us, and with that brings the holiday shopping rush. This is the time of year when retailers enjoy significant revenues, but the holiday season can also bring challenges for retailers without a proper inventory management solution in place. It is estimated that 87 million people will be shopping during this holiday season. With that kind of demand for goods, it is imperative that retailers properly prepare and manage their inventory, with up to 40% of retailers’ annual sales occurring during the holiday season. (Source: National Retail Federation, derived from Bureau of Labor Statistics data). Along with in-house shoppers, retailers are experiencing a sizable increase to their e-commerce sales as well.