Suggested Purchasing

Prerequisites: Purchasing and Inventory Control (Location Transfer)


free video chat room To give the user the basic fundamentals and understanding of S2K’s suggested purchasing and transfer procedures. This is the first step of the enhanced suggested purchasing education process. Users will take back with them the basic tools aiding in the development of their Company’s suggested purchasing operations.

Course Outline: Day 1

  • Suggested Purchasing Interface
  • Related file maintenance tables
  • Company Calendar
  • Buyer
  • Item master
  • Vendor master
  • Division/Class
  • Location
  • Suggestion Creation
  • Preview of Suggestion Manager Day 2

  • Review Usage Analysis
  • Discuss Seasonality
  • Review Suggestion Manager Functionality
  • Multi-location suggestions
  • Related flags
  • Suggestion analysis
  • ‘What If’
  • Overstock transfers from suggestions
  • Transfers upon po receipt
  • Options to pull in non-stock/special orders
  • Vendor Targets
  • Purchase Order creation